8th National Photography Exhibition – fotofoto Gallery Huntington N.Y.

It has been many years that I had presented photographs for an exhibition. I was very active when I stared in the early 80’s but due to my work and my travels I had not really tried. It was until last year when i started to get more active and retake my passion for photography that I decided to present some photographs to the fotofoto Gallery at Huntington New York.

When I looked at the invitation to participate at the CAFE (R) Website I felt this urge for bench marking that kind of photography I do with photographers all around the United States.

Also, the juror of the exhibition, Naomi Rosemblum, caught my attention because when I researched her, I found that she is very respected in the community. The International Center of Photography in NY has given her a lifetime achievement award and has published numerous book on photography.

It was hard deciding what to present but I found the photographs I had taken while I lived in Guatemala in the mid 90’s. At that time I was taking a lot of pictures but besides developing the film and making contacts I was not printing them much. When I saw them, I was transported back to Guatemala and relived, in my mind, the beautiful culture that country has. It is so rich and diverse that you just want to capture it all.

The original photographs were taken with Tri X Kodak film. I then digitalized them using a Canonscan 9000F scanner and then printed them using archival inks and paper. The paper I used was Ilford’s Galerie Gold Fibre silk Paper. They were printed in a Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II printer. The results were great.

To look at the photograph go the menu and follow My Photographs/fotofoto gallery exhibition Huntington New York



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