Artist Statement

My photographs are centered on the places I travel around the world. There is really no particular aspect that I concentrate on. Rather, I capture scenes that draw my attention and that establish an emotional link between the scene and me. Some people might call that “PUNCTUM”.

I like to photograph images that convey the day to day. I take pictures of people and places that are there for everyone to see. I make emphasis on the details, the textures, the light and the contrast. Some of the images might even look abstract.

Even though I capture my images in color, and that I usually like the color components of my compositions, I tend to end with photographs in B&W. When I look at B&W photographs, they stir my emotions and I can “feel” the photographs. My objective is that the viewer sees the images through my eyes and feels the same emotion that I felt when capturing them.

I do not manipulate my images very much in my workflow. I enhance the details, the contrast, and the textures but the images are what I saw. If what I see captures my emotions then that is what the viewer is going to see.