Unique Amsterdam and Bruges

On a recent trip, I had the opportunity to be a several days in Amsterdam and then take a train to Bruges and spend some days there. It was my second time at Amsterdam, but this time I had the chance to walk and look around. Such a rich visual environment, that, everywhere you look there is something that catches your eye. It was hard to sort all the photographs but in this post you will see some B&W and some color photographs. I hope they capture your eye as they did mine.

Amsterdam is a great place to walk and see. While my visit there, I focused in capturing specific details of the city. You walk around the channels and you see art in the streets, you look the endless rows of buildings and in the windows you see objects hanging or just sitting there. It is such a rich visual environment that you can just sit in a Cafe and just look and everywhere you look you see objects that you want to capture.

Bruges is a totally different experience. It is a small medieval town with cobblestone streets. Very romantic and cozy but it has also unique details. I do not know if it is the culture but they have a unique way of putting things around, like, if they put them there and then hide to watch your reaction. The same as in Amsterdam. You see some stuff that make you laugh and think “WOW – what’s all this about – why is this here?” You could feel their grins when they see you laughing alone when you look at something.

I registered in my camera the visuals that captured my eye. You will see some color and B&W – I love B&W – reminds me of my old days which the only thing I registered was B&W. Color was just another part of your composition. Something you could leave out because B&W had character. I’ve changed now. With all the control you have nowadays of the color I learnt to appreciate it and use it as an important part of some of my photographs.

There is a photograph of a place called ‘t Brugs Fonduehuisje. If you are in Bruges, please go and eat there. You need a reservation. Small, cozy, good wine and the best Fondue in town. In Amsterdam, visit Idrapura. It is an Indonesian Restaurant with a great Rice Table (Rice with a lot of little plates with delicious things).

I hope you enjoy the photographs. The above video is a preview but you can see them in the menu, at “My Photographs/Amsterdam -Bruges”


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  2. Ronna Ernst August 4, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    Cheers! Very good suggestion on this post!

  3. hfajardo August 15, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Glad you like it – I’ll be posting new photographs soon

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    Thanks for the feedback – I will be posting more photographs – stay tuned :)

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